Sherlock Holmes Alphabet of Cases, Volume 3 (K to O)


An Irregular Special Press Sherlock Holmes collection of short stories by Roger Riccard


Roger Riccard, one of the most respected Sherlock Holmes authors, has again taken pen in hand to bring forth the third set of five adventures in a new series of short stories for your entertainment.

The Kaiser Role – Picking up where The Case of the Gunsmith of Sherwood left off, Mycroft Holmes insists that his brother follow and stop the Heligoland rebel, Lady Lydia Wyt, in her plot against Kaiser Wilhelm II.

The Trinity Leprechaun – A mythical creature invades the campus of Trinity College. Holmes is engaged to find out why; and what is the purpose of the ‘gifts’ left behind.

The Monique Mystery – Just what was the case that brought Mary Morstan’s employer to Sherlock Holmes so many years before The Sign of Four?

The Notable Musician – Famous American bandleader, John Phillip Sousa, has an urgent case for the great detective to solve before he gives a Command Performance.

The Origami Mystery – Why is someone after a collection of Japanese paper sculptures?

“It was as though Doyle had crafted these stories himself.” Amazon review of Riccard’s Sherlock Holmes: Adventures for the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Also available as an eBook and Audiobook formats from Amazon.

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Roger Riccard


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