Sherlock Holmes & The Houdini Birthright


A Breese Books Sherlock Holmes Collection novel by Val Andrews


This real scorpion of a story with a sting in its tail will delight all fans of Sherlock Holmes.

Here’s another Sherlock Holmes pastiche from the fertile pen of Val Andrews. Again two areas of mystery are linked: the exploits of Sherlock Holmes and the secrets of master escapologist, Harry Houdini. Dr. Watson’s collaborator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, finds himself drawn into the world of the fake psychics and Houdini is anxious for Holmes to unmask the perpetrators who prey on the innocent believers.

Once he has been torn away from his beekeeping activities, Holmes’s investigations lead him to some surprising locations including a Ruritanian castle. Sherlockians, historians and magic buffs will all be intrigued and delighted with this classic detective story, which links fact and a little fiction, to suggest what may have happened to Houdini after his death.

Since the manuscript was completed it has been rumoured by investigators and reported in various newspapers that Houdini’s coffin is actually empty; Val Andrews – by chance and synchronicity – has provided an answer that will amaze all readers.

Again … the game is afoot.

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Val Andrews


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Paperback: 978-0-947533-91-5
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Paperback: Breese Books
eBook: Lume Books


Breese Books Sherlock Holmes Collection




Paperback: 1999
eBook: 2015


Paperback: 5th
eBook: 5th

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