Sherlock Holmes and The Yule-Tide Mystery


A Breese Books Sherlock Holmes Collection novel by Val Andrews


Christmas is fast approaching – but for Sherlock Holmes and his assistant, Dr John Watson, a sudden visitor is to change what little plans they have made for the yule-tide.

James Harding, owner of a Guildford antique business, has travelled to 221B Baker Street armed with an intriguing proposition for the ever-dutiful detective.

He has received an invitation from a Mr. Gerald MacMillan to assemble some friends and spend the festive period with him at his stately home in Sussex.

A bizarre proposal considering Harding had only just met MacMillian.

Holmes, who swiftly recognises MacMillan as a former confidence man, together with Watson shall form the rest of the travelling party.

Whilst there, the famous duo try to uncover the intentions of the seemingly hospitable host who has chosen to spend Christmas with a stranger.

True to form, the festivities are disturbed by an incident so shocking it threatens to ruin Christmas, but for Holmes it’s just the beginning …

Sherlock Holmes and the Yule-tide Mystery promises to be one Holmes’s most baffling cases yet.

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Val Andrews


Paperback and eBook




Paperback: 978-0-947533-11-3
eBook ASIN: B0193S82GS


Paperback: Breese Books
eBook: Lume Books


Breese Books Sherlock Holmes Collection




Paperback: 2020
eBook: 2015


Paperback: 2nd
eBook: 1st

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