Sherlock Holmes and Disappearing Prince & Other Stories


A Breese Books Sherlock Holmes Collection of short stories by Edmund Hastie


In Sherlock Holmes and The Disappearing Prince  an urgent telegram from an old friend informs Holmes of the mysterious disappearance of the Prince of Japan, from his rooms at university, without warning, and with no signs of a struggle …  A Russian cigarette, some dried pieces of soil, and absent rowing gloves are the clues to solving this mystery …

A young woman in great distress approaches Sherlock Holmes in A Wilful Case. She is suspicious of the unexplained deaths of her mother and brother, exactly a week apart, and being the heiress to a great fortune, she suspects that someone is after her family’s money.

A Case for the Admiralty involves confidential government affairs when Holmes is employed by a Mr Barton from the Admiralty, to discover the whereabouts of some important missing blueprints and documents for the creation of a battleship.

Finally, The Three-Faced Villain presents Holmes with a problem concerning a woman, who has been the victim of a robbery, not once, but three times. Each incident has taken place inside a cab, with different drivers, leading the woman to believe that a gang of robbers are terrorising unsuspecting tourists throughout London. However, Holmes thinks differently, and starts to imagine that the answer to this case is far more sinister.

Edmund Hastie was just fourteen years old when he compiled this extremely impressive collection of fluent, witty stories that recreate the world’s most famous and best-loved detective in a faithful, if tongue-in-cheek, tribute.

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