Sherlock Holmes and The Tandridge Hall Murder & Other Stories


A Breese Books Sherlock Holmes Collection of short stories by Eddie Maguire


Doctor Watson and Sherlock Holmes meet once again to crack a handful of new cases in this compelling collection.

Sherlock Holmes and the Tandridge Hall Murder – Holmes and Watson are taking a stroll through Green Park, when suddenly a terrified man approaches the famous duo and explains that he has borne witness to a brutal murder. The pair are called to the countryside and the grand Tandridge Hall to solve this monstrous case.

A Death at the Cricket – Dr Watson has been invited by Stamford, a former acquaintance from his student days  at Barts, to watch a cricket match at the home of cricket benefactor, Lord Sheffield. As Holmes has no cases, he joins them. The weekend is disrupted when on the first morning it is discovered that a valuable painting of Lord Sheffield’s has gone missing, and what is more Stamford has been murdered.

The Irish Professor – John Watson and his friend Hugo O’Neill are victims of several criminal mishaps that seem to be following O’Neill from London to Ireland. As the incidents grow more frequent and more dangerous, Watson finds himself longing for the help of his friend Sherlock Holmes.

The Strange Affair at Glastonbury – After solving a case in Bath, Watson suggests a visit Glastonbury for a few days. Upon arriving there, they discover that, to the confusion of the locals, seemingly random things have started to go missing in the dead of night, and all road signs have been turned backwards.

A Voice from the Ether – Jabez Wilson, an old client of Holmes, and owner of a pawnshop,  presents the detective with a phonograph by way of payment for past services. Upon setting it up, it is discovered that the previous owner’s last recording had contained an ominous message. Can Holmes and Watson follow the clues left behind in order to save a man’s life?

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Eddie Maguire


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Breese Books Sherlock Holmes Collection




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