Special Commission


A Breese Books medieval murder mystery novel by John Hall


John Hall, acclaimed author of several books on Sherlock Holmes, has written a spellbinding medieval murder mystery. Special Commission is set in the middle of the 15th Century. The old feudal system was giving way and there were stirrings of that unrest which would lead to the War of the Roses and the accession of the Tudors.

In a remote fortified manor house, the May Day celebrations are rudely interrupted when a man is found murdered. The obvious suspect, an uninvited and unwanted guest, refuses to appear before a judge and jury.

The only hope of solving the crime is for the Lord Chancellor to appoint a Special Commission to look into the matter. But, as the reader will discover, things are not quite as simple as that! Breese Books are delighted to release this book, the first in a series, which introduces the reader to the unworldly Martin Byrd and his earthy servant Clement. John Hall will even further enhance his reputation with this unusual mystery.

Also available as an eBook from Amazon.

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John Hall


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Paperback: 978-0-947533-93-9
eBook ASIN: B01A5L4XAQ


Paperback: Breese Books
eBook: Lume Books




Paperback: 1999
eBook: 2016


Paperback: 1st
eBook: 1st

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