Sherlock Holmes and The Telephone Murder Mystery


A Breese Books Sherlock Holmes Collection novel by John Hall


Dr John Watson welcomed the arrival of the telephone at 221B Baker Street – it would after all, do wonders for his social life. Sherlock Holmes was not so sure feeling that the ring of the telephone bell might somehow bode no good.

It was high summer in London: Watson was tired of the heat and the crowds and set off for a couple of weeks of well deserved rest at a manor house in the country. The other guests were men of letters and the arts, educated, well travelled, men of the world like Watson himself.

Tragically one of the guests was found murdered next to the newly installed telephone, thereby interrupting Watson’s holiday – and seemingly justifying all Holmes’s doubts.

The murdered man had been popular. There seemed no motive for the murder. Or was there? As Holmes investigates, old scandals, old enmities, old hatreds begin to surface. Has Holmes missed something? Is it perhaps a case of mistaken identity? And who had the murdered man been trying to call on the telephone just before his death?

Sherlock Holmes and the Telephone Murder Mystery is a tale of pure detection by John Hall, the author of the bestselling novel The Travels of Sherlock Holmes. It is a classic of the genre which will delight all the friends of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson.

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John Hall


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Paperback: 2020
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