Inspector Morse Society Membership


Inspector Morse Society Membership


Your membership is not annual but a subscription which will only expire once you have had the full package outlined below – your membership will never be less than one year. The membership subscription is based on where you live and type of membership (Single or Family). Family membership is for those persons living at the same address and has the advantage in that each member of the family will receive the members’ discount for meetings along with priority booking should an event be oversubscribed – in every other respect it is the same as a Single membership subscription and so is only appropriate for those who will be active members and intend coming to meetings.

The current subscription package entitles you to:

(1) Issues 21 and 22 of the Society newsletter Endeavour.

(2) Any Special Issues or Supplements.

(3) A Membership Bonus (one of the following):

(4) An Exclusive Discount at meetings.

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