Discovering Kes


A personal quest for the classic 1969 film by Dr. David Glynne Fox



Whoever could have guessed that a Ken Loach film produced on a low budget, with no big stars, no sex, little violence, the wrong kind of bird and with a sad ending, could ever have resulted in a major classic, loved by millions. Such was the case with Kes, which resulted from the 1968 Barry Hines novel A Kestrel for a Knave.

Kes was one of those rare films which concerned the working class and highlighted some of their life struggles and was enshrined in the life of Barnsley schoolboy, Billy Casper.

The author was a falconer at the time, and now 55 years later Discovering Kes is a tribute to all things Kes from how the film came about, to its production, anecdotes, impact on society (then and now) and not least the tracking down of the filming and associated locations along with maps which enable like-minded people to follow in his footsteps.

Contains an exclusive interview with director Ken Loach.

Below are some photographs from a special Kes screening held at The Cinema Museum in London where author Dr. David Glynne Fox signed his book Discovering Kes. To make the event even more special David ‘Dai’ Bradley (Billy Casper in the film) was also present and took part in a Q & A session with over 100 fans in attendance.

Ready for signing at The Cinema Museum Kes event on 27th April 2024.
Customers queue to purchase Discovering Kes.
Dr David Glynne Fox with his new book Discovering Kes.
David ‘Dai’ Bradley (Billy Casper) and the publisher at The Cinema Museum event.


Article in the Barnsley Chronicle 10/5/24

Book signing at The Raptor Fair held at the National centre for Birds of Prey (29/30th June 2024)

Alan Walker and Geoff Surtees

Signing session with Paul Morgan

David Fox with Ian Vance

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